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Employees are Smith Paving and Excavating's greatest asset. We are concerned about our employee's health and well-being. No job is so important that it cannot be accomplished without injury. Everyone at Smith Paving and Excavating plays a role at maintaining a safe work environment. Safety orientation is provided to all new employees. Weekly toolbox talks are integral in continuous safety training for all employees. Employees have participated in 10 hour OSHA for the construction industry through their respective unions. Supervisors attend 30 hour OSHA for the construction industry.

Smith Paving and Excavating has been participating in Ohio BWC Drugs free workplace for 5 years. SPE recognizes the importance of testing for the safety of our workers and the public at large. Through claims management & implementing safety policies Smith Paving and Excavating has been able to take advantage of group rating through the BWC.

Smith Paving and Excavating knows that our accident prevention efforts must have the same value as quality, cost, and production. Safety is not something we do in addition to the work. It's how we do the work.

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