"Epoxy Overlay"
-Ultra Surface Color Flake System-
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The Ultra Surface Color Flake System is most commonly used on residential garage floors, laundry rooms, patios, bathrooms and recreation room floors. For commercial applications, it is popular for automotive showrooms, bathrooms, office floors, retail stores, restaurants, hospitals, animal care clinics, cafeterias, parking garages, laboratories and many other applications. It is available in a variety of color combinations to match any decor, adding beauty and elegance as well as providing a low maintenance, slip resistant surface with excellent resistance to staining, impact and abrasion. The high performance products used in the Ultra Surface Color Flake System offer the latest advances in technology to provide a fast drying, durable system that will last indefinitely if properly maintained.

Advantages: Chemical Resistant; Stain Resistant; Durable;Long Lasting and Easy to Clean

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-The high performance Products used in our Ultra Surface Color Flake System have been developed over many years to provide the best protection against moisture vapor transmission problems, hot tire lifting, and yellowing from the ultra violet rays of the sun.

*Smith Paving and Excavating uses concrete solutions as one of their suppliers*

-Euclid Chemical high performance coatings-

-Our Epoxy Overlay uses Euclid Chemical high performance coatings that provide optimum chemical and wear resistance, with low maintenance and cleaning requirements, and aesthetic. Euclid high performance coating systems deliver performance and beauty in one easy system.

*The Euclid Chemical coatings are the choice among architects, contractors, building owners and managers for high performance solutions that meet their exact needs

*Smith Paving and Excavating uses Euclid Chemicals as one of their suppliers*



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