"White Topping"
-Restoring Yesterdays Roadway for Future Demand-

-Since the introduction of concrete pavement in 1891, concrete paving has been the preferred choice for strong durable pavement in the US. Today over 40% of our nations roadway infrastructure is average 20+ years in age. With roadway revitalization becoming more and more an issue in today's municipalities, the new mission is not only road reconstruction but also maintaining public access. "White Topping" utilizies the current roadway removal and earth work, giving the public a long lasting pavement in a short period.

Technical Information
How Does "White Topping" Stack Up
Against The Competition!

Top Layer:
{4-6 Inches--Portland Cement Reinforced Concrete}
Middle Layer:
{1 Inch--Asphalt Joint Separation}
Base Layer:
{5-6 Inches --Previous Concrete Roadway}
Sub-Base Layer:
{Original Aggregate Base}

*Essentially creating 10+ inches of structure strenght with a surface course able to stand up against the demanding tests of the elements and heavy loads.

Typical Schedule Of Operation

Step 1
-Drive Apron Removal-
Step 2
-Underdrain Installion-
Step 3
-Planning Street Surface-
Step 4
-Pavement Repairs as needed-
Step 5
-Asphalt Placement-
Step 6
-Side 1 Concrete Overlay-
Step 7
-Side 1 Drive Apron Install-
Step 8
-Side 2 Concrete Overlay-
Step 9
-Side 2 Drive Apron Install-
Step 10
-Yard Restoration-


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